Company Philosophy

When husband and wife Emilio González and Amparo Martín united their soul with the centenarian spirit of an old Madrid restaurant, the foundations of a beautiful adventure were laid which, developed further by their sons Antonio and José, and continued today by the third generation of the family, remains deeply rooted at the heart of Habsburg Madrid. The philosophy which has shaped Botín over the years in still firmly loyal to the ideas once expressed by Antonio González Martín:
“For us, the most important factor is pleasing the customer.If the public accepts the restaurant with its sincere, down-to-earth and comfortable nature and the finest food possible, that is enough for me.”
These simple words perfectly sum up the philosophy of Botín. Above all, we are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction in all aspects. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that every single person in the company must be involved. This is carried out in three sections: hospitality, good service and excellent cuisine.
Hospitality is something which is easier to feel than describe. The client should be given warm and welcoming treatment which makes them feel comfortable and at ease.
Good service
This area spans a wide range of tasks:

  • The appearance of the restaurant, its facilities and staff must be well groomed.
  • We have to reflect reliability by giving the clients what they expect of us, in addition to reacting quickly (response capacity) in the event of a problem or complaint. Wherever possible, problems should be anticipated.
  • We must demonstrate professionalism by maintaining and updating our knowledge and skills.
  • Courtesy and accessibility are also fundamental. Clients must be treated with respect, consideration and friendliness, and their requests for information must be answered in a language they can understand. It is important that both staff and customers can contact the company managers at any given time.
  • It is of utmost importance to create a safe environment for both staff and clients.
  • Trust and honesty reflected by the company and its staff create credibility amongst clients.

Excellent cuisine                  

Careful elaboration and the use of the finest ingredients are the secrets which ensure that our traditional dishes continue to delight customers year after year.