In this matter of street nomenclature, there is always a reason behind it. And this case is no exception. The street we are featuring today is the Paseo de los Melancólicos (the Boulevard of Melancholic People). Given its location next to Vicente Calderón Stadium where Atlético Madrid plays, many malicious-minded people will say that such a curious name is down to the mood of the supporters when their team does not have a successful evening. But in truth this is not the case.

It was actually the district’s inhabitants who named this street, being aware that the area was rather sad and solitary. Its proximity to the river, the mist, the damp… all this also gives it a melancholy air. It was always thus and is also the case today, excepting the days when a match is being played in the Calderón stadium, when the supporters interrupt the area’s normal peace with their colourful fanfare.

When Carlos III reigned, this area was an expanse covered in farmland and tree groves. With the arrival of industrialisation, the area was gradually populated and the railway arrived, giving rise to the lower-middle-class district it is today.