Chestnuts are the quintessential autumn fruit. They make their appearance as soon as temperatures start to drop and the cold makes its presence felt. They are in truth a gift from nature, since they are very healthy and provide us with numerous nutritional benefits.

Chestnuts have very few calories and are rich in fibre, proteins and carbohydrates. In slimming diets they are highly recommended because they have an obvious satiating effect. They are also brimming with minerals, specifically magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphor. This fruit is also credited with beneficial properties, both anti-inflammatory and vascular. So let’s make the most of this time of year to eat them raw, roasted or as garnish in different dishes. I personally love how well they go with pork meats (loin or fillet) and with vegetables from the cabbage family, such as red cabbage or Brussels sprouts